Simple Marketing Consistency

TimeMgrIcon When it comes to marketing, consistency is the key. The problem is, who has time?

If you understand that marketing is the step that attracts leads into your sales pipeline, it suddenly becomes much more important. Make marketing a priority.

Here are simple ways to remain consistent with your marketing efforts.

Schedule 30-minutes for marketing activities every day. Use that time accomplish one marketing step.

Automate your marketing efforts. Even direct mail and consistent client contact can be automated.

Segment your list of prospects and clients into niches and communicate to each group separately.

Blog to share your ideas, information and knowledge. Then tell your audience (clients and interested prospects) that you have information up, using a tool like AWeber.

Call two clients every work day. Ask how they are doing. Find out the impact your work had on them. Ensure they are happy. Find out who else you should be talking to that they know.

Simple and easy things to do that can be done in 30-minutes or less. Do it and watch your anxiety decrease while sales increase.

Of course, if just don't have the time or expertise to accomplish this, hire someone to do it for you.

One Trick to Save Tons of Time Everyday

90-Minute-logo-FINAL-JPG-WE I had a computer meltdown this week and had to go back to my old trusty Compaq computer.

I won't go into a rant here, but it did force me to manage my email differently. I was stuck with Web mail for each of my addresses instead of Outlook.

As I checked them, I noticed two interesting things:

1. I only checked each email address a few times a day.

2. I did not have previews enabled, so I deleted messages that were not personal, anticipated and relevant immediately.

As a result, I was in and out of email in record time.

My conclusions?

Use Webmail instead of Outlook and you won't get distracted by incoming email messages throughout the day.

Keep the preview feature closed and read emails that are of interest and delete those that are not right away.

After all, if the email is not immediately identifiable, why take the time to look at it.

What to Do if You Don’t Have Time to Do the Important Things

TimeMgrIcon It happens to us all. We have every intention of accomplishing tasks that are vital to our success. We dislike doing some of them, adding to the problem.

The day ends, time flew by and important tasks remain undone. Now, if that task is sales related (as it often is), the problem becomes worse as days and even weeks slip by.

How do you get ALL the important things done?

In my book, 90 Minute Time Manager, I suggest taking 15 to 30-minutes to:

List all the tasks you need to accomplish.

Prioritize them as; vital, important but not time sensitive, delegate.

I would add “eliminate” to any tasks that are scheduled during your work day that do not move your business forward.

Now schedule your day.

Start with yourself. When will you eat lunch? What kind of personal time do you need during the day? Add that to your schedule first.

Now add your vital tasks. Exactly when will you accomplish each of these vital tasks? Put the exact time on your calendar and stick to it. Get the task done at the exact time you scheduled and do not waiver.

Add the important but not time sensitive items once you have the exact time set for your vital tasks.

These are generally large tasks that are broken down into manageable chunks. The adage; “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time,” applies here.

Get one thing done consistently to move your big projects forward.

Here’s where your troubles may come in.

Frequent interruptions get you off track. A client needs something right away, for example.

If that occurs, go to your calendar, take a look at your vital tasks, see which one you can bump into tomorrow and move it out of today and add the vital client task that came up.

If you are constantly interrupted, schedule those projected interruptions into your day.

Realize that you simply won’t be able to get everything done you need to because you will be interrupted frequently.

The rewards for following this idea are;  less stress, vital things get done, you learn your work capacity and can then schedule more effectively every day.

You gain control of your time, instead of your time having its death grip on you and your life. Try it. You only have your stress to lose.

Bonus Time Tip: There is never anything more important than making sales.