Why is Cold Calling a Hot Topic

People who are into the sales conversation often say that cold calling is dead.

I agree. Cold calling, in the way it has been practiced  in the past, is not very effective. 

Getting on the phone, approaching a stranger and barfing company features on them is not going to turn strangers into friends and friends into clients. 

Yet, today, business owners are looking for a way to initiate contact with new people they don't know, aren't connected to in networking or through their close network. 

So can you do to initiate contact with potential buyers?

Social media is a long-term strategy that takes time to develop. You cannot control the reach.

In-person business networking is all about building relationships. That takes time. 6 months to a year of  attending the same networking group tends to be a time line I hear often.

Direct outreach solves common sales challenges.

You control the number of people reached. 

You control the message understanding. You're not dependent on a listeners worldview to interpret what you're saying. 

That's  why hundreds of thousands of people search for terms relating to cold calling; like cold call, cold calling, how to cold call and more.


Cold Call Reach
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And why over 1,500 people tuned in to my call with Connie Kadansky showing people a cold calling process that works.


Most business owners  are looking for answers. That's why cold calling is  a hot topic.

Cold Call Marketing Process

Red TelephoneI had a great time last Friday, talking to Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance Coach, about a marketing process that makes cold calling work. 

You can listen to our interview here.

While cold calling is done by sales people, the function is more marketing than sales related.

Learn why and how you can develop a process that works so you can add predictable and trackable leads into your sales pipeline consistently, whenever you need them.

Download or listen to the call.

Then leave a comment and let me know if this resource helped you.

Cold Calling is Marketing and it Works if you Have a Process!

image from www.exceptionalsales.comMy friend and highly regarded sales call reluctance coach, Connie Kadansky, points out, "It is too funny that there are sales trainers out there saying "Never Cold Call."  Salespeople who buy into "Never Cold Call" are naive because guess what? Their competition is Cold Calling!"

So true.

The reason that I've found sales people fear cold calling is they don't see it for what it is.

Cold calling is primarily a marketing activity that sales professionals are responsible for in the majority of companies they work for. 

It's step 1 of a well developed sales process plan that I call "Attraction." 

Sales people are calling to attract a qualified lead into the sales pipeline.

And attraction is a marketing activity.

You may be thinking, "What!? Marketing, what does that mean, how does that work and what's the process to use?"

On Friday, June 29th at 4 pm Pacific time I'm going to sit down with Connie and talk about a process any sales pro can use on her Blog Talk Radio show.

The segment is called, "Cold Calling Works When You Have a Process!"

Join Connie and I to learn cold callings true role in the sales process and a gain a systematic approach for cold calling that makes it much easier and more rewarding. 

Here are the details:

Time: 4 pm Pacific | 5 pm Mountain | 6 pm Central | 7 pm Eastern

Date: Friday, June 29th

Where: From the comfort and privacy of your home or office at Sales Call Reluctance Coach on Blog Talk Radio

Link to use to access the show: http://bit.ly/coldcallmarketing

Be sure to spread the word to every sales professional, entrepreneur and small business owner you know who needs to increase their sales and revenues.