The Mental Pictures You Paint

IStock_000003757797XSmallThroughout any week, I talk to many different types of people about their businesses. One thing I noticed recently are mental pictures we all seem to paint.

This observation is really based on experiences I've just had, co-producing and directing the comprehensive and powerful Manifesting Made Easy program.

What I learned and saw clearly is the mental pictures and self-talk you and I chose to paint sets the stage for the success, prosperity, fulfillment and achievement we experience (or not).

For example, some people say...

..."I can't do sales. I hate talking to people like that."  

This defeats those thinkers before getting started.

Instead you could say, "I am here to help others. Let me see where their challenges are and suggest ways to overcome them."

Here's another I like. How about ..."When I do promotions I feel like a used car salesman." (it's always a man in this phrase, oddly enough).

Paint this picture and you are making yourself feel bad and uncomfortable before getting into action.

Instead say, "I will offer to show others some good things I found and like and share that with them. "

Here's one I've used before ..."WHO THE HELL HAS TIME FOR MARKETING." (Yes, I did SCREAM that in my mind before).

Instead you could say, "I'm going to spend 30 minutes today attracting someone to my offering."

That's what I did today for this blog post and even with Skype interruptions it was done in less than 30 minutes -- on two different blogs.

Mental pictures are all in your mind.

The self-talk paints mental pictures.

The mental pictures drive action or lack-thereof.

You have the power and creative ability to choose those images you create throughout every day.

Choose wisely.

Where is Your True Power?

Success BullseyeWho wants to be as powerful as they can possibly be? Who wants to achieve and exceed their goals? Who’s life’s mission is so important that no matter what, they will achieve it without fail?

If I just described you, then this post will be extremely important because it tells you where you will want to focus your efforts and attention to maximize productivity and success.

That place is magical and accessible to everyone equally. It is the place called this moment or right now.

This moment is a funny thing to consider.

When is it?

It is right now and right now and now.

It is every moment you breathe and every thought you embrace, as you embrace it. See how fleeting that is? Thought, embraced, gone… unless acted upon.

So many people take the precious moments of their life for granted.

Do you find yourself thinking, “One day I’ll start that.” Or “Someday my business and life will be on the exact track I want it to be.”

The fact is, you will only reach your greatest goals by taking steps toward them every day.

If your days are filled with reactive thinking, worry and doubt, you will continuously get more of the same.

To help keep you focused on right now try repeating the phrase “I am living in the moment in every moment I live.”

Starting today, right now, this moment, write down what you REALLY want in your life.

Then focus on this very instant and create an ACTION step that will get you there. Repeat tomorrow and every day thereafter.

Tiny steps that focus on this very moment is the shortest path to reaching any dream, desire or goal.

If You Only Do What's Comfortable...



... you will only get the results you've always gotten before.


Take a deep breath. Be brave. Do one thing that frightens you. Step out of your comfort zone each and every day.

One small step, taken consistently day-by-day, allows new energy to enter your life.

That new energy will lead you to achieving your life's purpose and living the difference you are in the world to make.