Passion in Your Action

010413-Passion-in-Action-WEWhen it comes to creating a successful small business, there are three sources of power we all must mange successfully.

Those sources of power are:

1. Time

2. Energy

3. Money

We all have an equal amount of time. But personal energy and money can fluxuate widely.

Let's focus on personal energy today.

When you launch "marketing" initiatives, what you are actually doing is looking for ways to "attract" interst to your business and offers.

What's more attactive than a person who is on-fire, passionate about their work and the experiences they create for others?

The fact is, passion attracts interest.

Whereas lack of passion tends to be ignored, generally. 

When you are considering marketing in this new energy of 2013, realize that the power of your passion is perhaps the single-most important aspect. 

In 2013, your small business energy and the authentic passion you have for your work will mean the difference between fulfillment and frustration. 

Image Courtesy of: Oskarsson Photograhy

Election 2012: The Best Marketing Platform Wins

Mitt-Romney-with-Barack-Obama14-forbesIn my humble personal option, President Barack Obama is the best political marketer in history. His marketing platform incorporates all the elements of marketing sensationally and his brand message resonates in the hearts (not the minds) of many.

As a result, my prediction for the election of 2012 is President Barack Obama will win a second term in office.

Here is my personal marketing scorecard

Personal Brand Winner Barack Obama

Marketing Story (brand narrative): Winner Barack Obama

Personal Appeal Winner Barack Obama (though some may argue with me)

Use of online marketing tactics (including social media): Winner Barack Obama

In Election 2012, the Best Marketing Platform Wins.

Not that Governor Mitt Romney is a slouch. In fact he is even a more aggressive email marketer than the president.

But his personal brand is seen as “corporate” when compared to President Barack Obama.

The emotional connection the president gained with his constituents, through marketing, is clearly a winner. 

The president hits our emotional buttons. Mitt Romney speaks to our mind.

Heart wins every time

Let the voting continue throughout the United States.

Let the mass consciousness of the American people be heard worldwide.

Then give deep, heart-felt thanks.

Be grateful that you live in a country where the mass consciousness of the people can select the path for our nation going forward.

I am always so proud to be an American.

I am also very grateful to the marketing lessons I’ve learned in this election.

I am so appreciative to ALL those who voted, who are open take part in this process; no matter which marketing platform you chose. 

Photograph courtesy Forbes

How to Stop Junk Email

Delete-katerhaDo you want to know how to stop junk email?

It's easy. Just delete it.

You can also block it if you never want to hear from that source again.

That means don't read it or open it up. Just hit delete.

When it comes in again, delete (or block) again.

If you're using Outlook (or similar tool) eventually you will start seeing those messages in the junk folder first time in.


Image Courtesy: Katerha