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May2018 Evernote Article
I am thrilled and honored to have "3 Tips from an Evernote Certified Consultant" featured on the Evernote Blog.

Here's an excerpt. The full article is posted at

Bill Gluth is the guy you want to talk to if your business is a little rusty around the edges. Maybe you have great ideas and brilliant strategies in place but you’re just not getting that work done. Maybe you’re not growing fast enough and everyone on your team suspects you could be doing better.

Or maybe your business is so new you haven’t established any workflow models at all, good or bad. As an Evernote Certified Consultant based in Tempe, Arizona, Bill has seen it all and he’s here to help.

“In my practice, I work with sole proprietorships and small to mid-sized businesses to make the path to success clearer and attainable, faster,” he says. “I prize my strong relationships with my partners. Our work is based on total trust and an all-cards-on-the-table approach to solving problems.”

We asked Bill to share some of the biggest tips he and his company, Creative Thinking for Business, recommend to new clients, and how Evernote factors in. Here’s what he told us:

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