Where is Your True Power?
Redefining Business: Branding

New Energy Brought New Mojo

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When 2013 poured in, it was obvious to me that the world as I knew it shifted, dramatically. There is a new energy that brought new Mojo.

At this point you may be thinking, "What the hell is Mojo?"

Mojo is that magic power we all possess but seldom fully realize or use.

And for those who are thinking... "This Gluth guy is kind of out there. Maybe that Creative Thinking thing is getting out of hand. What's he talking about; this energy shift thing!?"

Energy is the vibration we live in.

It's the space between all the things you see physically. It's also the "electricity" that moves your physical body, maintains the health of the organism and creates the creative power you have available to either use or or not use.

Energy comes from that place called "heart-felt inspiration". It can be illusive to us all, that's for sure. 

But when it's in place, magic-shit happens.

We reach up and express our brilliance. We see the world from a new space called "enlightened perspective".

Our highest energy and greatest intentions are expressed in the world for all to see. 

So when we reached this New Year, 2013, the mass consciousness of planet Earth shifted the energy/vibration/space of our being and our experiences.

For some it caused confusion, even pain.

For others, who waited for a conscious shift to occur for years, received their wish. Now many of them are confused and don't know what to do with it.

For me personally, two things occurred.

1. I embraced and began to offer new work that expresses my deepest spiritual nature.

2. I realized that business as we know it has also shifted, never to be the same again. 

What used to work is no longer active.

That's when I saw the vision of redefining business in this new energy.

I was going to use the new Mojo I was lucky enough to realize I have to recreate and redefine business to match this new energetic space we live in.

You live in a new energy space whether you realize it or not.

The Creative Business Strategy Blog is the place to get new ideas, new inspirations and answers to things that no longer make sense.

That's the path we are heading down together.

In the week's ahead I’ll be redefining business in the new energy, using my new found Mojo.

I'll inspire you to find your new Mojo too and repattern your energy at the  same time. 

Let's get started.

Next up we'll redefine Branding for 2013 and beyond. 

See you there...