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2013: A New Small Business Path

010313 New Business PathA New Year, 2013. Welcome to a new time, new energy, new way of being for small business owners everywhere. 

A big question many have today is: "Where can I find my 2013 business path? What can I do today to make my small business pop, hum, run like it never has before?" 

Here's some ideas to get you started:

1. Don't dwell on the downside.

Create what you want to see happen in your thoughts and energy first. Your imagination is your most powerful "reality creation" tool. All of your outcomes start with your thoughts and the energy you put into them.

2. Focus on what will work and not what has not worked before.

If you don't know what will work, do something completely different than what you've done in the past. Remember: new energy = new results.

3. Realize that YOU create your own reality.

As a result, decide what you want in your life. Then go out and create it with joy in your heart and passion in your actions.

4. Set a specific time to do the work that moves you forward.

Commit. Decide what you want. Follow your inner guidance in knowing what to do. Trust that voice inside and act, do, take action. Miracles happen when you take ACTION.

5. STOP trying. Either do or decide not to do.

Try is the killer of dreams, the destroyer of fortunes and the limiter of life-long joy.

The business growth drill of 2013 is to:

  • Decide
  • Commit
  • Take ACTION

Works every time.

The only challenge is, it's different than what you've done in the past; making our final bit of advice:

Live for right now, not the past that has already occured or a future that is dependent on your thoughts, energy and action TOday.

TOday is where miracles, success, abundance, freedom and joy occur. They are never found in SOMEday or the dreaded "Soon".

Image Courtesy of: Steve Jurvetson