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Why is Cold Calling a Hot Topic

People who are into the sales conversation often say that cold calling is dead.

I agree. Cold calling, in the way it has been practiced  in the past, is not very effective. 

Getting on the phone, approaching a stranger and barfing company features on them is not going to turn strangers into friends and friends into clients. 

Yet, today, business owners are looking for a way to initiate contact with new people they don't know, aren't connected to in networking or through their close network. 

So can you do to initiate contact with potential buyers?

Social media is a long-term strategy that takes time to develop. You cannot control the reach.

In-person business networking is all about building relationships. That takes time. 6 months to a year of  attending the same networking group tends to be a time line I hear often.

Direct outreach solves common sales challenges.

You control the number of people reached. 

You control the message understanding. You're not dependent on a listeners worldview to interpret what you're saying. 

That's  why hundreds of thousands of people search for terms relating to cold calling; like cold call, cold calling, how to cold call and more.


Cold Call Reach
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And why over 1,500 people tuned in to my call with Connie Kadansky showing people a cold calling process that works.


Most business owners  are looking for answers. That's why cold calling is  a hot topic.