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Sales Process: When What You Don't Know You Don't Know Can Kill You

QuestionMarkCautionRecently I had a very nice review from one of the participants in the sales process development test program.

She said, "Bill has shown me how to recognize what I don’t know. When I notice what I don’t know, I just ask Bill and he explains it to me in terms I can understand. As a result, I now know the theory behind some of the magic, and it’s a little less intimidating. It helps me understand why we do what we do.”

Understanding the reasons and knowing that marketing (and sales) magic is not based on magic at all. It  is based on metrics. Metrics are created by measuring, which is based on research and testing.

The resultant reliable data leads to consistent results.

If you're now thinking, WHAT!? What does all that mean...

... you may be suffering from the famous "you don't know what you don't know" syndrome, when it comes to your sales process. I've seen that a few times lately in talking to people about their business development strategy.

Lets face it. You've studied the ins and outs of your field. But how deeply have you dug into how to create a reliable sales process?

If you struggling with business development or growth then the process you're following is either:

1) Flawed

2) Non-existent

In either case, the best thing you can do right now is to learn how to connect the dots between marketing, selling, CRM and Web marketing to create a sales process plan that actually grows your  business. 

Image Courtesy: Colin K