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Keywords and Business Development Strategy

Keyword DifferencesI'm working on a sales process, marketing, CRM and online marketing test project right now. Today, I'm playing with keyword variations. 

In doing that, I'm consistently finding something very interesting. Small keyword variations often have HUGE competitive differences.

For example:

Note the differences in the keywords "business development strategy" vs. "business development strategies." You can click the graphic above for a screenshot of that search.

Business development strategy has "low" competition and 2,000 more searches per month in the USA than the keyword business development strategies, which is listed as "medium" competition and almost half as many searches.

So if I'm putting together a sales process and am working on the attraction (called marketing) piece for a business, which keyword would I use in an article ... oh say ... on business development strategy?

That's a quiz to see if you're paying attention.

Which keyword phrase would be best to use? 

Click on comment and leave your ideas. 

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