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What is the Sales Process?

Reinvent Yourself GearsWith 294,000,000 websites talking about the sales process, it's easy for any small business owner to want to know, "What is the sales process, exactly."

The  sales process is not selling alone. It is a combined  strategy that outlines the steps a business follows to keep the sales pipeline full and the business consistently profitable. 

The sales process is the pre-planned strategy you follow to:

  • Attract leads into the sales pipeline (marketing) 
  • Convert leads into revenue (the system of selling)
  • Continue to provide value to existing clients for backend sales (CRM or client relationship management)
  • Profitably utilize internet marketing, social media marketing and content marketing strategies

Without a plan in place that addresses these four vital areas you are following the wing and a prayer sales process

And  if you aren't measuring where your results are coming from, you are flying blind in a fog of assumptions that are often wrong.

What is the cost of not following a sales process plan?

Over 90% of small businesses are not following a sales process plan at all. 

The cost of not planning, measuring and consistently executing a sales process strategy ranges, on average, from $1,000.00 to $4,000.00 for every $10,000 earned (10% to 40%).

That means that a small business that generates $100,000 in annual revenue is losing $10,000.00 to $40,000.00 of new revenue every year because they are not following a well developed sales process plan.

Is sales growth is your goal in Q2-2012?

If you are committed to seeing sales increases now and want a "strategic" plan to accomplish sales growth, then your business could be a great fit for our sales process development test program.

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