Sales is Lifeblood of Business
Wing and a Prayer Sales Process

This is Your Responsibility When Hiring Salespeople

Juggling SalesmanThis always surprises me and occurs at even the largest companies.

Most of the time businesses that are hiring sales people do NOT have a well tested and effective sales process to hand to the new sales hire.

The fact is, most business owners and executives incorrectly believe that marketing, client attraction, the system of selling, client relationship management (CRM) and online sales lead generation is up to the new sales hire.

This fundamental misunderstanding costs businesses hundreds of thousand of dollars every year.

Developing a sales process, testing it and ensuring it works properly is the responsibility of the business owner. 

It should not be in the job description of the new sales department hire.

Set your sales team up for success from the beginning. Hand them a complete sales process strategy that is tested and proven to work. 

When you do this you'll see a 10% to 40% (or more) increase in your top-line sales results.

Image: Realtyworks