Sales, Sales Process and Marketing's Role
This is Your Responsibility When Hiring Salespeople

Sales is Lifeblood of Business

Sales and MarketingOne adage in small business states that no one has ever gone out of business because they made too many sales. 

However, every small business who goes out of business does so because they did not have enough sales to survive, let alone thrive.

Based on these facts, it's reasonable to say that sales and marketing is the lifeblood of every small business.

But how do sales actually occur in a small business?

Sales, in the most successful businesses, occur from following a plan. That plan is called the "Sales Process." It blends marketing and sales successfully. 

If sales is the lifeblood of business then the sales process would be the heart that keeps the lifeblood pumping.

The sales process is the plan, outlined step-by-step, for attracting a prospect into your sales funnel (marketing), converting that attraction into revenue (sales system) and maintaining a relationship with that client ongoing (CRM).

In today's world, having a tested online sales strategy is also a large part of your overall sales process development.

If your website is a brochure that only tells me what you do, you're missing many opportunities for new sales. As a result, your website is not an effective marketing tool. 

When your website generates leads for your business, you are using online marketing effectively. 

Take a look at your sales process today. Think  through the steps you follow to:

  1. Attract leads
  2. Convert them into revenue
  3. Continue to serve existing clients
  4. Market your business and gain leads through your website

When you look at your sales process in this way you'll find gaps, which you can fill, to create a stronger and more profitable business.