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Business and Career in the 21st Century

IStock_000004474914XSmallWe’re living in the 21st Century - a time that is filled with new ideas, technologies, insights and potentials.

The problem is, most people continue to live principles developed in the early 1900’s, which was the start of the industrial revolution.

This was a time when the “masses” were trained to work in factories or offices.

Most people have been conditioned to believe you must get a degree or learn a trade, have a career path to follow, get a job and earn a paycheck from a business entity that takes care of you.

Today, those business entities are not able to sustain everyone. The old school career path is not stable any longer.

You don’t have to go to work in a job you hate.

You must create values that utilize your greatest gifts, your talents, knowledge, passion and experience, in a way that enhances the lives of others. 

This is the time to shift the paradigm of work.

I’m purposing a revolution of happiness through small business.

You must develop your talents, gain experience, find your passion and drink from the well of knowledge from a variety of sources.

Then you must use your talent, knowledge, passion and experience to create your “art” and impact those who resonate with you most. 

It’s all about personal self-empowerment, which is the only true path to a life of freedom, satisfaction and joyful success and fulfillment. 

Small Business as an Art Form and Growth Experience

Peace and HappinessIt's been said that the purpose of life is to be happy. 

As adults we are most happy when we are creating values that enhance the lives of others.

One way we "play" as adults is when we share the values we’ve created through a small business of our own creation.

Your business is an art form and a spiritual pursuit.

In its most powerful and compelling form, it can inspire and fully leverage your unique gifts/greatness instead of rewarding you for living a repressed and mediocre life experience.

When working for others the reward is always smaller because you are delivering a value instead of creating values that matter, i.e. changes lives.

As a result, your gifts have a specific market value that is generally far less than the true value you deserve. 

Photo courtesy: Demcenco Boucher