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If You Only Do What's Comfortable...



... you will only get the results you've always gotten before.


Take a deep breath. Be brave. Do one thing that frightens you. Step out of your comfort zone each and every day.

One small step, taken consistently day-by-day, allows new energy to enter your life.

That new energy will lead you to achieving your life's purpose and living the difference you are in the world to make.

A Biz Dev Lesson to Learn

I've had the opportunity to meet with several highly successful business people in December and January to talk to them about their business development (biz dev for short) strategies. 

Here's a quick recap of what makes these people so successful.

They are passionate and completely in love with their business, work and people they serve.

They focus relentlessly on sales, because they know they are not going to build a business without consistent revenue growth. I mean they focus on generating sales to the exclusion of everything else. 

They don't waste their time. They focus on biz dev day in and day out each day.

They're not looking at free information.

They don't attend Webinars to "learn" more about sales and marketing. They DO sales instead. 

They focus on their passion, industry, serving existing clients and driving sales, period.

Nothing is more important to them than growing their vision so they can serve more clients in a bigger way.

In their off time they read industry pubs and material that will improve their life even more.

Which leads me to ask. What are you focusing on in the New Year?

Regrettably, if you're not focusing on sales and growing your business you may see more of 2011 in 2012 instead of a new, brighter vision of an enhanced New Year.

Where is your mindset in 2012? Click "Comments" directly below this post and let us all know.  

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Dive Into Today

DiverWhen you dive into today...

... The energy and thoughts you bring into the day matters.

... Your gifts can have impact on both your life and the lives of others. 

... Your vision needs to be seen and experienced, because only you can express YOUR unique gifts to the world.

.... Your voice needs to be heard. You have things to tell us that only you can say.

My art has always been to inspire your brilliance. I’m calling on you today to step up or miss yet another opportunity to be guided.

Then you’ll have to hope another chance arises, when you’re ready.
Regrettably, those who wait until they are ready never are.

The reason is, saying you’ll wait until you’re ready is a reaction called fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of knowing that you can live life on your own terms, where you’re responsible for your own outcomes.  

When you step-up and act, you instinctively know that your life will change. I know that change may seem frightening. The reason is, it's diving into the deep part of the pool called the "unknown."

I invite you to replace that fear with new found courage; the courage called action.

Here is your first action step.

Fill out the pre-coaching survey at I'll help you see where you and your business are now, clearly. 

Your only cost for this initial analysis of your business and gifts is the time you spend.

Are you ready to step up and live the life you truly desire instead of the life you’re settling for right now?