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We Need to Create More Fun

image from www.mrinsidesales.comI was listening to a teleseminar with a noted sales trainer named Stan Billue last week.

The subject was cold calling. I know, AAAAHHHH ... right?

But Stan is unique.

He takes something like cold calling and actually has fun with it.

How does he do that?

There are many ways. For example, he makes light of the fact the person being called probably hates the call as much as you do making it.

Stan suggests making your introduction more fun.

If following Stan's lead I might do something like, "This is Bill Gluth. That's like glue with a th at the end so I hope this idea sticks with you."

How can you have more fun right now?

Lighten up.

Make the stress of the day lighter, even funny and learn to laugh at yourself. 

Share that joyful, no stress, fun energy with the people you encounter today. 

Have fun and make your workday more of a play day instead. 

After all, a small business that is developed to create values that enhance the lives of others is how we actually play as adult human beings. 

Learn more about Stan Billue and his sales training products at

Photo of Stan Billue courtesy of Mike Brooks