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The Symptoms of Learning Overload

LearningMost small business owners and entrepreneurs follow a pattern of learn and learn some more. Why not. Learning is fun, after all, right?

Seldom do the majority of people follow the pattern of: learn, digest and do.

This is the path to greater achievement that I would venture to say 80% or more miss completely.

Here's some symptoms that you're learning without results:

You engage in every free Webinar you can find.

You listen intently to the free information.

You have pages of notes by the end.

But you don't complete any of the action items suggested.

Maybe you buy the product but let it sit. 6 months later you have not even looked at it let alone learn, digest and do. 

You missed the biggest secret of all.

That secret is: Only action creates results.

Look at your thoughts first. Your thinking creates energy that takes you into action.

If you're not acting there's a deeper reason so evaluate your feelings.

It's how you feel about what you're doing that allow you to know which thoughts to act upon. 

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