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The 3 BIG Questions You Must Answer

IStock_000003696632XSmallAchieving success and fulfillment in any small business requires you to make decisions and improve your daily focus.

To start with, there are 3 BIG questions everyone in small business must answer.

If you have not answered these questions and subsequently made your decisions on these 3 areas yet, success will continue to allude you.

The 3 BIG questions you need to answer are:

1. Where do I want to go?

2. What do I want to do?

3 Why do I want to do it?

Question #1 provides you with a place, so you can map out your direction.

Question #2 tells you what you'll do once you get there.

Question #3 gives you a VERY good reason to do it so when the going gets bumpy you'll have the fortitude and good reason to stay in the game.

I know, I hear you. "I already know this. I've heard it a million times before."

Then, as your small business guide and coach I have to ask, "Great, what are your answers?"

Those are the first questions we get clear on in coaching because you've probably been avoiding making those decisions.

But until you made these decisions, you'll have a hard time reaching any small business goal you set.

But once you've made 3 simple decisions, you'll be self-empowered, focused and able to take fulfilling action to reach your desired destination.