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Marketing Tip: Go Where the Energy Flows

If you're running a small business there are many ways you can market your business.

In 2011 (and beyond) social media seems to be a marketing tactic of choice for many people.

Here's how to make all of your marketing and social media work better.

1. Notice where you're getting the best response. I call that response marketing energy. You'll find that certain platforms will outperform others.

2. Once you're aware of where your response/strongest marketing energy is coming from, focus on that area to grow it.

Here's an example

G-plus-icon-32x32Recently, I started noticing a very strong response on Google+. Every time I checked, there were a ton of new people to add to my "Circles". 

Facebook IconFacebook, on the other hand, had less engagement and "Likes" per post, while  Twitter IconTwitter remained about the same.

So, I adjusted my daily plan and am spending less time on Facebook, more time on Google+ and about the same amount of time on Twitter each day. 

I'm going where the marketing energy is flowing the strongest, focusing on it and meeting many new and wonderful people as a result.

The lesson?

Don't waste time on platforms that are not producing the desired result. Go where the response is strongest, focus on that platform and you'll build quicker.

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Why Online Training May Not Work for You

IStock_000004474914XSmallThere are so many Webinars and training course out there right now, it's amazing.

While many of them are very good, there's a problem with them that most people don't realize.

That problem is, online training courses work for only a small majority of people.

Let's face it, to gain the benefit of the course, you have to accomplish the steps being taught and complete the program.

Therein lies the problem. 

The majority of people (roughly 85%) don't allow themselves to have the discipline, focus and time to actuallly complete the online training program.

When no one is holding you accountable it can be tough to stay motivated and focused when you get busy or distracted by other things.

One other very interesting phenomona also occurs.

Once you start a course you start noticing other courses you'd like to take too.

Then you start signing up for Webinars that sell you other tranining courses.

You buy more training courses because you think, "Here's what I've been missing."

Hunderds if not thousands of dollars pour out of the door and you have so much information you can't act on any of it. 

So you end up doing nothing because you're overwhelmed by information overload.

The better option?

In my opinion, based on working with small business owners for more than 10 years now, 1-to-1 coaching is a better option.

Your coach can modify training based on your personal style and specific needs.

You'll be held accountable to complete action steps week-by week. As a result you're moving forward steadily. 

You'll be focused and able to act because the information you're gaining is designed specifically for you and your unique situation and challenges. 

You get results that translate into growth and more revenue. At the end of the day, isn't that what you're really looking for?