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How do I convert visitors to my blog into clients?

Multi_QuestionMarksWEBThis great question, "How do I convert visitors to my blog into clients," was asked in a Linked In group that I enjoy.

The answer is a very simple system that I'll share with you.

There are 3 components to converting blog visitors into paying clients. Most independent professional miss or are lacking 2 or more of these steps.

The 3 steps are:

1. Go out and get found.

What are you consistently doing to make sure your blog posts are being seen by your niche audience. Everyone is not your niche, of course. You must speak to the interests and challenges of the niche you most effectively serve so visitors can find you and become paying clients. 

2. Engage.

Once you're found, how do you engage people to build interest, trust and credibility?

The freemium offer is great but it works better if the freemium lasts beyond one download. A mulit-day/week course is a better option than a eBook. No matter what, your freemium has to be of exceptional quality so people want to read it and share it. 

3. Follow up.

This is the step everyone but the most successful miss. People don't buy on one, two or three touches. In fact, planning more than 30 marketing follow up touches is more along the lines of what you want to do.

With 1,500 to 3,000 marketing message hitting your face every day, it's easy to see why follow up is so important. 

I hope that helps you see the answer to this question in a clearer way.

You can follow the process yourself, or get help in putting this process together for your business.

Either way, converting blog visitors into paying clients is a worthwhile goal that is worthy of your attention and focus.  

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