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Sales Strategy 101: Teach to Sell

1950-Teacher-Geo Eastman HseIn your niche in small business:

You have talents that I don't possess.

You know things that I don't understand.

You have a strong drive to learn and grow in areas that are only of cursory interest to me.

You have a wealth of experience in areas I don't have a clue about.

So why are you trying to sell me something?

Teach me what I don't know, show me what I can't see, expand my knowledge in areas I'm lacking information in and share your experience to keep me from making the bone-head mistakes only you can help me avoid,  instead. 

That's sales today. 

You're a teacher, mentor, trusted advisor and guide. 

Remeber that when you're interacting on social media, networking, conducting sales calls and in all of your marketing outreach efforts. 

Photograph Courtesy: George Eastman House