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30 Second Time Management

TimeMgrIconTake 30 seconds to read this simple time management tip.

Implement it.

Get at least 25% more done today, next week and beyond.

1. Make a list of EVERYTHING you have to do. Don't leave anything out. 

2. Prioritize the list. Most important/time sensitive things get done first. Important but not time sensitive tasks are secondary.

3. Set an exact time and day that you will accomplish each task on your list. Add it to whatever day planning tool you use.

4. Follow the plan.

The secret is to set an exact time and day and then follow your schedule.

Without that step, you'll fall short of achieving maximum productivity.

Secret, Simple, Sales Follow Up

SalesStat_Greeting_Card-JPGWhen it comes to follow up, there is one secret that is so simple most everyone misses it. 

The secret is to use greeting cards in your follow up program.

Don't take my word for it though.

Here's what a top sales trainers and personal development experts have to say.

Tom Hopkins said, ‎"I built my original million-dollar producing real estate sales career from nothing to being a 98% referral business by keeping in touch with my clients through the use of thank you cards."

In Lessons from the Greatest Salesman in the World, Jay Abraham tells the story of Joe Girard, who is recognized as the most successful salesman in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Joe sends ALL of his clients a handwritten greeting card every month of the year.

The number of cards reached more than 16,000 per month and he had to hire people to help him do it.

As a result of the repeated exposure to Joe, such was his customers’ impression of Joe that when Guiness Book of World Records started to call up some of them to audit his sales, all of the buyers could recall Joe by name.

Harvey Mackay has written extensively on showing gratitude with greeting cards. In fact, Harvey sent greeting cards while building a multi-million dollar business.  

At a speech Harvey Mackay gave at a "Treat 'Em Right" seminar in Scottsdale, AZ earlier in 2011 he said, "Send Out Cards makes you stand out!"

And Mike Brooks, known as Mr. Inside Sales shared a story in a recent article about George H. W. Bush Sr., 41st President of the United States. It's said that every person that George met, he kept in touch with. 

It didn't matter whether it was interns, politicians, business people, or clergy, he and Barbara Bush would make sure they stay in touch.

The way he did that was with simple greeting cards and personal notes.

If you listen to top experts in their field and follow proven processes it's obvious that greeting cards are king.

But they can be a hassle and time consuming to buy and send. 

No more. Here's the tool I use (since 2005) to make sending a greeting card by US Mail as quick and easy as sending an email.

Complete this exercise and try it for yourself.

Think of 1 client who really needs to hear from you. Do it right now, while you're thinking about it.

Follow this link and send them a card right now. My treat.

Then notice how great you feel after sending it. 

Ready. Set. Send Out Cards!


Meaningful Productivity

I have a "magic bullet" I like to use to measure meaningful productivity.

By meaningful productivity I'm talking about things you accomplish that actually moves your business progress and revenue generating activities forward.

The "magic bullet" is both easy to use and effective in building your productivity awareness.

Just follow these steps right now:

1. In a Word doc, create the headings: SALES, MARKETING, OPERATIONS, MANAGEMENT

2. As you accomplish tasks throughout the day, add that task to the proper heading.

For example:

If you called a new prospect someone referred, you would add that to SALES.

If you wrote a blog post about meaningful productivity and spread it across social media channels, you would put that under MARKETING.

All of the tasks that goes into delivering your offer (product or service) goes into OPERATIONS.

And all of the tasks that go into running your business goes into MANAGEMENT.

MANAGEMENT tasks could include: updating your accounting software, managing human resources, dealing with equipment breakdowns; all would be MANAGEMENT category tasks. 

At the end of the day, review your list.

How much time did you devote to sales? What about marketing? Did you spend all day in either operations or management?

This list will show you why you are where you are right now and how to correct that situation.

For additional ideas, here's a great book on how to grow a small business by one of my favorite business authors, Jeffrey Fox:

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