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Meaningful Productivity

I have a "magic bullet" I like to use to measure meaningful productivity.

By meaningful productivity I'm talking about things you accomplish that actually moves your business progress and revenue generating activities forward.

The "magic bullet" is both easy to use and effective in building your productivity awareness.

Just follow these steps right now:

1. In a Word doc, create the headings: SALES, MARKETING, OPERATIONS, MANAGEMENT

2. As you accomplish tasks throughout the day, add that task to the proper heading.

For example:

If you called a new prospect someone referred, you would add that to SALES.

If you wrote a blog post about meaningful productivity and spread it across social media channels, you would put that under MARKETING.

All of the tasks that goes into delivering your offer (product or service) goes into OPERATIONS.

And all of the tasks that go into running your business goes into MANAGEMENT.

MANAGEMENT tasks could include: updating your accounting software, managing human resources, dealing with equipment breakdowns; all would be MANAGEMENT category tasks. 

At the end of the day, review your list.

How much time did you devote to sales? What about marketing? Did you spend all day in either operations or management?

This list will show you why you are where you are right now and how to correct that situation.

For additional ideas, here's a great book on how to grow a small business by one of my favorite business authors, Jeffrey Fox:

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