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What Social Media Channels Waste Time

Social-media-icons-thumb Around 2003 social media starting kicking up. Back then I became aware do a group called Ecademy. Then there was Ryze and an upstart called LinkedIn.

I started playing because I enjoyed it. It was fun to interact with people all over the world. 

As we now know, LinkedIn won social media prominence because they offered something people wanted. And they offered it in a way that small business owners responded to.

Fast forward to 2011- 2012. 

If you're like me, I'll bet you get invitations from people you know (primarily in your loose network) that want you to join them on any number of social media channels. 

It's amazing to me how many emerging channels continue to open.

If you try to keep up, none of them can really work. Your efforts are too diffused. 

To make sure you're not wasting time on social media, find the channels that work for you and use them daily. 

I like to stay with the "Biggies", e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.


Because that's where the crowd is. 

For my 60 minutes per day of social media activity, those channels provide me with the best opportunity to educate, engage, give value, stay informed and meet like-minded people.

The secret is to focus.

Don't spend time investigating every new social media channel that comes up.

Stay where the crowds are. Then engage, share and give consistently.

You'll find better results for your efforts and will not waste time on channels that are here today and not very popular tomorrow. 

What Are You Avoiding Today


Yesterday we talked about building awareness and focusing on TODAY, instead of someday, the past or the future.

Right now is the only time you can actually control.

Listen to this short podcast that will help you gain awareness on what you may be avoiding today and how that is impacting your business and revenue building success. 


What Are You Missing Today

Running time: 2 Minutes 4 Seconds



Are You Missing Today?

Worry As small business owners it's easy to worry about the past and be concerned about the future. For many people, it's their default setting. 

Sure, you can lament about the past and what you could have, should have, would have done.

Or you worry about the future and what maybe, perhaps could happen.

But what about right now?

Whatever you're doing right now will dictate the results you gain in the moments ahead.

Right now is the only time you can actually control. 

So just for today I'd encourage you to focus on the power of right now. Don't let it slide and don't miss today.

Stop worrying about a past that has already occurred.

End the stress created by thinking about the future. Whatever happens in the future is actually predicated by your actions right now.

Focus on this moment. Ask yourself:

"What can I do right now to impact my life in the positive way I am looking for?"

By answering and acting on that question your future will be much brighter and you'll be much happier. 

Just for today, don't worry. Control the moments as they occur to create the results you desire tomorrow. 

Try it. Focus on today. Remain aware of your actions right NOW. See the difference in this moment and the moments ahead. 

Image courtesy: Foxtongue