Getting Stuff Done
How Do Fears Block Success

Scheduling, NO WAY!

To Do List Yesterday we talked about getting stuff done. 

Today we'll talk about when you'll actually do all that 'stuff.' 

The most under utilized secret to greater productivity is the concept of scheduling.

Here's how scheduling works.

Make a list of all the things you need to do for your small business today.

Prioritize the list, from highest to lowest priority.

The highest priority items relate to generating revenue or fulfilling orders already placed. 

The lowest priority items are important but not as time sensitive. 

Once you have your list prioritized, open your scheduling tool and set an exact time and date for accomplishing your most important tasks. 

Continue until all tasks have an exact time and date scheduled. Those dates may be today, later this week or even later this month. 

Then keep those appointments with yourself consistently.

That's it. I know what you're thinking, "That is way to hard to do."

And you're right, it is. The difference between focused success and no productivity is planning and scheduling. 

Most people won't be disciplined enough to do it. Those that are reap the rewards of success and greater profitability. 

It's really just a new mindset to learn and embrace. If you need help, get coaching or if you're able to hold yourself accountable take Simpleology 101 for free