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Newbies: How to Share Your Blog Content

If you're new to blogging or if you're not sharing your blog posts on social media consistently, watch this video to see one idea on how easy it is to share your blog content on social media.


It's important to understand that sharing your own content is just one part of the equasion. 

You also want to share content that:

  • Inspires you
  • You personally found helpful
  • Educated you in some way
  • Is good news you want to spread to your tribe
  • Is shocking news you want to share
  • Is information, ideas or resources you think your tribe will enjoy

But get started by sharing your blogging content consistently on your social media channels. Then expand and share content by other experts you enjoy. 

What's More Important Than Your Greatest Goals

ThinkingMan What’s more important than accomplishing your greatest business goals?

No matter what they are... what's more important than achieving them?

The answer is, whatever you’re doing instead of doing the work and activities necessary to reach those goals. 

Harsh, I know, but true.

It's so much easier to settle for the life you have than to step out of your comfort zone to create the life you actually desire. 

Photo Courtesy Hobvias Sudoneighm 

What the Hell Do I Talk About

QuestionMark A BIG question I often get from my coaching clients is, "Sure, blogging sounds cool, but what the hell do I talk about?"

Start by isolating your reader. Who are you talking to and what do they want to learn/know?

Then take a look at this list for ideas to explore:

Teach what you know

Show people what you learned

Share a great resource; telling us why it's great

Give your opinion on newsworthy items your Tribe is interested in

Tell us about a great customer service experience you had

Tell us about a really BAD customer experience you had

Share a great book you're reading - why should I read it too

Give me answers (1 at a time please) to my top 10 FAQ's

Give me answers (1 at a time please) to my top 10 SAQ's (Should Have Asked Questions)

Let me know about a unique expereince that relates to me, your reader

Show you understand me by answering my questions (the questions that I haven't asked you yet)

Talk about a training you went through. Why did you like it and tell us about the expert

The point is to share, share and share some more. 

The idea of a blog, in humble opinion, is to give, show me the world through your eyes and insprie me, your reader, to want to learn more too.

For example, one of top favorite authors is David Meerman Scott. Today, the 3rd edition of his classic book, New Rules for Marketing and PR is released. 

Check it out and buy a copy (see the aff link below).  

Then read it, learn and apply the lessons to your business, NOW!