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Making Bucks with Books

image from Books are an amazing, multifaceted tool for building any small business.

A book can take much of the hard work out of sales. Your book is the best possible:

  • Expert positioning statement
  • Brand builder
  • Residual income creation platform
  • Ultimate sales process attraction tool
  • Personal confidence builder
  • Marketplace and Tribe voice amplifier

Think about the people you see on social media channels.

Now be honest.

Don't you tend to look at book authors with greater favor?

Most people do.

The reason is, authors are viewed as experts.

Recently, I sat down with Content Re-purposing Expert, Mike Klassen, to talk about the role of books in small business.

Listening to the interview will help you: "Learn How Books Can Make You Bucks."


Some of the topics we covered include:

1. What are the opportunities for book authors?

2. Which of the 3 book creation strategies should you use?

3. How can you publish a book with limited time?

4. What does it cost to publish a book?

5. What is the quickest and easiest way to publish a book?

...And much more.

Listen to Learn How Books Can Make You Bucks

Learn how you can create an AMAZING, one-of-a-kind personal brand positioning tool for your business.

Greater revenues await you.

Leave a comment: Have you written a book? Do you want to write one? Did the interview help you? Let us know.

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