How to Create Customer Loyalty
Go With Your Strengths

Make Your Contribution to the World

image from I've learned over the years that many solopreneurs and small business owners created their business to impact the lives of others in some way.

The common theme is making a contribution that makes the world a better place.

When you're in the creating values that enhance the lives of others camp your mindset is different.

As a value creator you:

Don't think business.

Think contribution instead.

Don't think product or service.

Think value you can create that enhances lives instead.

Make your contribution. Create values that excite and motivate you. Enhance the lives of everyone you touch.

Share your created values broadly with a specific group of people who have reason to care.

The gifts you receive are both tangible rewards (money) and intangible rewards (growth of the spirit).

That's the power of contributing to the world.

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