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BodyBuildingWEB I've been speaking to small business owners who are running service based businesses recently about our new book program

I've learned that a lot of business owners and professionals see the value of writing a book to build their business. For many it's been a dream for years, even decades.

But the challenge is accomplishing all of the tasks necessary to get the job done. Most people see a book as a chore. They miss how to create one using their strengths.

That's why we help develop books for small business owners and then package them.

Today I was speaking to a person who wasn't quite sure how they would go about creating a manuscript.

To me, this person sounded like they were dreading the concept of clacking on the keyboard and pounding out a manuscript.

But this persons strengths were in presentations and training.

What better way for a speaker/trainer to write a book than to:

  • Record their ideas as they present their topic by telephone
  • Have a transcriber put their words on paper
  • Review the transcription, add to it, revise as needed
  • Send it to a content editor for first revisions
  • And then, after a few rounds of revisions, produce a final manuscript

By using their strengths, a person who was not able to get a book completed in many years has a manuscript ready to publish in a relatively short time, painlessly.

I would suggest something similar to anyone who wants to write a book. Look at your strengths and use them wisely.

When you do, your book project is joyful instead of a chore.

Isn't joy filled creation what we all really want out of our life in business?

If you have a book in your heart that needs to see the light of day, you'll want to listen to my interview called Learn How to Make Bucks with Books, with Content Re-purposing Expert, Mike Klassen.

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