A Secret Key: Consistency
What Makes Marketing Work?

Just 1 Observation Per Day

  Content-Marketing-Notecard- As we all know, content marketing is a hot topic. The problem is, most people freak out about creating the content that makes content marketing actually work. 

The battle cry I have heard is "I don't have time to do content marketing." Followed by, "What the hell would I write about all the time."

Fear not. There is a good answer.

Make just make 1 observation per day. It can be written, video or audio content. it can be content you created or your opinion about content someone else created.

Share your daily observation on a blog, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn.

Make it easy on yourself.All you have to do is:

See things out there (people, places, experiences, things and events).

Share your perspective on what you're observing. In other words, give your opinion.

Repeat 1 time each day for the aggressive content creator or 3 times per week for the person who just wants to get content marketing rolling.

It's really easy. This post was created on a 3X5 card last night as I was chilling out at the end of the day.