Power of Passion in Business
A Secret Key: Consistency

It's Easier to Just Not Do It

Hard-to-Do-WEB When you're marketing, selling, promoting, servicing and generally running a micro business or small business, a lot of what you "can" do often goes undone.


It's easier to just not do it.

You know that's the case when you hear the battle cry "I just don't have time" being uttered from your lips.

Not having time has a price too.

You don't get the promo push you need to stand out above competitors.

You're okay with not being seen as the expert you are.

When you have a sales conversation, you don't have your wisdom codified on a blog (for example) to use to build your credibility and make closing the deal easier.

But you didn't have to spend the time either.

The fact is, showcasing your knowledge and sharing your unique perspectives consistently is hard.

Creativity is time consuming, which makes it difficult to accomplish. It's an "above and beyond" expectations effort.

Whatever else you are doing instead to build your brand and expert status is taking over.

And if you're not doing anything to build your brand and expert status, you're probably struggling with being a commodity.

Is being seen as a commodity, battling price wars and being "shopped" on every proposal really easier?

Photo by: Zsuzsanna Kilian, Stock.XCHNG