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ESPN's Social Media Marketing Observation

image from I was reading Fast Company yesterday and found an interesting perspective on social media marketing.

Carol Kruse, ESPN's senior VP of marketing is doing many cool things with social media, such as a Facebook game that has users run a virtual sports bar.

How many people will keep engaging with the ESPN brand to play the game? The answer is MANY.

Obviously, Carol gets the idea that repeat engagement of viewers is paramount.

But I found Carol's observation of marketing on social media most interesting.

She pointed out, "Marketers [who delight in new campaigns and drop them] are like puppies.

"But social media is like having a dog. Everyday it's like how do I engage with my fans?"

Great observation, Carol.

So how are you engaging with your fans today?

Carol is using the emerging power of games and apps. What about you?

Photo of Carol Kruse courtesy of ESPN Media Zone

What Makes Marketing Work?

A member of one of my LinkedIn Groups asked, “What are the most effective and least expensive marketing/promotional tools for a Small Business Owner (1-2 people) in any given market-place?”

That made me stop and think. The fact is, most marketing doesn’t work for micro business and small business because they don’t use ALL of the elements of successful marketing. 

Those 3 basic elements are: 1) Go out and get found, 2) engage and 3) follow up.

From my personal observation, I've learned that most micro business and small business owners focus on going out and getting found.

But, once they're found they have no way to keep the marketing touches rolling, i.e. no engagement to become memorable and no follow up to retain top-of-mind awareness.

So social media is great if you feed it content (both yours and other people's) that others want to consume.

Business networking is great (and low cost) but you have to care enough about the people you meet to nurture the relationship through follow up and engagement.

Online marketing and SEO is worthwhile if you have a website that engages, gives people the information they want and follows up with them consistently over time.

There are many things you can do for free or low cost. You just can't stop at the first level of using a tactic.

Unfortunately, that's what most small business owners do and that's why marketing is difficult for so many.

Just 1 Observation Per Day

  Content-Marketing-Notecard- As we all know, content marketing is a hot topic. The problem is, most people freak out about creating the content that makes content marketing actually work. 

The battle cry I have heard is "I don't have time to do content marketing." Followed by, "What the hell would I write about all the time."

Fear not. There is a good answer.

Make just make 1 observation per day. It can be written, video or audio content. it can be content you created or your opinion about content someone else created.

Share your daily observation on a blog, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn.

Make it easy on yourself.All you have to do is:

See things out there (people, places, experiences, things and events).

Share your perspective on what you're observing. In other words, give your opinion.

Repeat 1 time each day for the aggressive content creator or 3 times per week for the person who just wants to get content marketing rolling.

It's really easy. This post was created on a 3X5 card last night as I was chilling out at the end of the day.