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ESPN's Social Media Marketing Observation

image from espnmediazone3.com I was reading Fast Company yesterday and found an interesting perspective on social media marketing.

Carol Kruse, ESPN's senior VP of marketing is doing many cool things with social media, such as a Facebook game that has users run a virtual sports bar.

How many people will keep engaging with the ESPN brand to play the game? The answer is MANY.

Obviously, Carol gets the idea that repeat engagement of viewers is paramount.

But I found Carol's observation of marketing on social media most interesting.

She pointed out, "Marketers [who delight in new campaigns and drop them] are like puppies.

"But social media is like having a dog. Everyday it's like how do I engage with my fans?"

Great observation, Carol.

So how are you engaging with your fans today?

Carol is using the emerging power of games and apps. What about you?

Photo of Carol Kruse courtesy of ESPN Media Zone