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Where Did You Come From?

Who Can You Trust

Gauging from the email inbox of most small business owners, we are all slammed with messages of this, that and everything else.

Buy, buy, buy. This is THE solution you need to solve all of your problems.

if you're like me, pretty soon you start blocking those messages out. Game over for those marketers.

But you still need resources in various areas to accomplish your business mission and fill the needs of your life in general.

So who can you trust to deliver the products and services you want to buy?

Here's an example of what I do.

About a year ago I adopted my Shetland Sheepdog, Scotchy, from a breeder. As all of you dog lovers know, when you bring home a new dog, pretty soon, you need  a veterinarian.

My first need was to get heartworm medication going for Scotchy. There are only certain types of heartworm medication Shelties can take. So I went online and did some research.

I found a great article by a local vet on heartworm. It made sense and addressed my Staff_penwellconcerns.  So I made an appointment, loved the vet and Scotchy and I adopted Dr. Melissa Penwell as our veterinarian.

In this case, educational content sold me and the vet clinic gained a new client.

At about $300 per year average, the value of acquiring me as a client was about $3,000 over the projected lifetime of Scotchy.

The point is, your knowledge can make you money. But only if you share it frequently.

If you're not sure how to do that, get help.

You could be losing significant revenue over the course of each year if educational outreach is not part of your current marketing plan.