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The Future of Small Business is Here Now

Work-From-Home-DesktopFltWE You know, sometimes being a visionary who can see the future and relate it back to today has drawbacks.

The big one is seeing something that is coming in a few years and doing it today.

For example, the biggest change I see in the world of work is the emergence of the virtual, home or resort-based business model. This kind of business has come on strong and is growing daily due to technology advances.

Anyone who is unemployed, under employed or just wants more freedom can now create their personal economy and not worry about the US (or world) economy.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Great, what are virtual businesses all about?”

Virtual businesses are about lifestyle and creating value that enhances the lives of others in some way.

They have no boundaries, are developed based on the talent, knowledge, passion and experience of an individual, can engage the best talent available to create tremendous results for clients and can expand based on the vision of the founder.

They can be very small and local or larger and International in scope. There are no limits.

They are run by entrepreneurs who see needs in specific niche markets and fill those needs with services or products.

Typically, virtual businesses are run from home offices and/or “destinations” that appeal to the business owner.

How many virtual businesses are there currently?

The Pittsburgh Business Times reported that nationwide, the number of home-based businesses may range from 18 million to 38 million, depending on who is doing the counting. This number was based on U.S. Census figures.

The SBA Office of Advocacy discussed the potential of virtual businesses years ago.

In February 2004, they reported: “Home-based businesses, which make up roughly half of all U.S. businesses, are of particular interest because of their potential as a wellspring of economic activity.”

As I’ve been saying since 2001, virtual, home-based, lifestyle businesses are the future of work and the American economy. They represent the best possible solution to unemployment, under employment and a sagging economy.

I realize that some business models cannot be virtual. Independent professionals like dentists, chiropractors, home remodelers, doctors, some attorney’s and professions like that are somewhat restricted.

Virtual businesses can support those professions.

For example, I saw an opportunity to help small, local, service based businesses actually make money from their online and social media marketing efforts. The majority are spending money with little or no return on their investment.

I thougth that was a problem that needed to be solved.

So I leveraged 30 years of experience and a coast-to-coast network to  provide a solution with Arizona Marketing Company.

Then I partnered with talented, knowledgeable, passionate and experienced people nationwide, with different talent sets, and brought a solution to the market.

Now, local small businesses that I touch have the finest resources available and a proven system that was developed over several years at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I can provide that powerhouse of resources and talent to help local service based businesses profit from their online marketing investment at a very reasonable cost, based on value delivered. It’s a win-win.

Within a very short ramp up timeframe, I’m ready to add a virtual sales team locally. Once we get the volume up to over $250,000.00 annually (in about 12 months or less) we’ll expand to other states.

All from my home office, mountain vacation retreat or beach, whichever I prefer. All I need is an internet connection.

Hey, what can I tell you, I’m a lifestyle guy!

I’m creating a life of balance, satisfaction and profit with freedom in businesses that empower small businesses to prosper and grow. I know my vision can build the economy, create employment and make a difference in the world. That makes me feel really good.

How about you? What are you creating with your virtual business model?

Or what’s keeping you from taking the plunge and starting?