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Where is Your Brilliance Hiding?

Creative Thinking Logo Deep inside of you right this minute is brilliance. When it comes to your business, you’re an expert; you know it inside and out.

While you may not express that knowledge openly it's there just waiting to be discovered.

When an issue arises and you can’t find a solution on your own it’s because you keep churning out the same thinking you’ve always used.

As we all know the same thinking that created a problem won’t solve it.

How can you use your true brilliance to solve challenges that keep you stuck right now?

The way to get your brilliance (and answers) out into the open so you can use them is to reflect from a different point of view.

When I work with a coaching client I’ll start by reading their energy based on the challenge and see where the negative elements appear. This shows me why they are stuck.

Then I bring out my clients brilliance by asking questions. This allows them to discover, through a sounding board, the answers they already know but can’t "hear" on their own.

The reason this works is it brings out your unique point of view.

Right now that point of view is hidden because no one is asking you the right questions.

The end result is you create new solutions to old problems.

You did that by focusing on what is instead of what was. If you’re stuck right now it’s because you are probably looking into the past for answers to issues that are occurring right now.

So have a coach or someone who can listen well ask you questions so you can hear the answers buried deep inside of you right now. That’s where your true hidden brilliance lies.

To uncover that brilliance, all you need is a mirror to reflect your genius back at you so you can see it clearly too.

Where Are You Putting Your Energy?

image from There was a great reminder from the Napoleon Hill Foundation on Facebook today.

In his classic, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill reminds us that, "A most beneficial use of time is silent meditation, while searching for guidance from within."

So true. From the work I do with human subtle energy I've learned that that looking inward for answers actually changes your brainwave state.

When you're dealing with day-to-day situations you are working in the Beta mind state. This can be quite frenetic energy that has you unfocused and reacting, sometimes in uncontrollable ways.

However, when you stop, quiet your mind and end the churning of frenetic Beta thinking you find yourself relaxing.

The top of your head and your shoulders relax. You feel tension in your solar plexus release. Your mind becomes peaceful.

This is the point where you actually changed your brainwaves from Beta to Alpha.

The Alpha brainwave state is where the creative mind engages, where new ideas emerge and where your true genius is hiding.

It's always just behind the curtain of stress and reaction. Open it and you'll find amazing answers to what seem to be tough questions.