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Where Does Small Business Growth Start?

Sales graph Whenever someone is looking to grow their business they frequently find that blocks occur.

You’ll only do what you are comfortable with. That is until something happens that forces you out of that comfort zone. Then you’ll scramble to find another way.

That scrambling is where your true brilliance emerges.

When you’re forced to find new solutions, your creativity often emerges in response. Listen to it and use the ideas you generate.

Here are focus points where small business growth starts.

Focus on how your business can make more money, everyday.

By doing that, you’ll quickly see that you’ve been focusing on areas other than revenue growth.

When you focus on making money, ideas like expanding an offer into a new channel or offering a broader solution to client challenges (small, medium and large options) may all have merit for expanding revenues.

While you’re focusing on business growth, be willing to play and look at things differently.

For example:

Instead of selling, learn to make new friends.

That takes the pressure off and opens your mind to communicating differently, in more friendly ways, for example.

Don’t stress over marketing your business.

Share your knowledge, provide your unique industry perspective and offer those ideas to new people who may want to play with you.

Ask yourself, “Besides the people I help now, who else could benefit?"

One answer is people who are like the current people you serve in industries you are not serving now.

If you like social media expand your friend base.

Engage with people you might like to play with that you don’t know now. Look outside of your circle of friends. Who else would you enjoy knowing and interacting with? How can you benefit them? 

Do some searching on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter and see what kind of new friends you can make. Participating in groups is another way to meet new people using social media.

Expand your market base.

If you are locally based see what you can do to expand nationally by following a more virtual business model.

Conversely, if you’re national, look in your own back yard. What’s there that you’ve been missing? How can you tap that now?

All it takes to grow is to:

Ask yourself new questions. 

Change your perspectives so you see things differently than you do right now.

Think more expansively and look for new business in areas you’re currently not serving.

Marketing in 2011: Sean Brennan's Ideas

image from Sean Brennan (pictured) is a senior startegist at Continuum.

He is also a very bright guy.

Today, in Fast Company online I read an article that Sean wrote that I was inspired to share with you.

Sean's article is called In Our Information Age, Secrecy Is Sexy. How Can Brands Create An Aura Of Mystery?

In my opinion it applies equally to any size business.

How will you apply Sean's ideas to your business?

One Way to Celebrate Earth Day

image from I thought of a way we can all do something meaningful for the environment on Earth Day. 

Why doesn't each entrepreneur and small business owner figure out just one way they can run their business more "virtually."

Here are a few of my ideas:

1. Using technology to communicate more so we're driving less. Tools like Skype can be very helpful.

2. Reducing printing of files and storing those files on a back up hard drive instead

3. Using tools like Presenter Net for virtual meetings instead of traveling/driving

4. Hiring people who can be virtual employees, working from home, so they don't have to commute to an office to do their job every day.

Those are of my thoughts for lessening our carbon footprint. What ideas do you have?

Photo of Earth courtesy of NASA.