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Where is Your True Genius?

CutOutofIconR When it comes to genius, you won’t find it in your mind.

The fact is your internal channel is where the greatest gifts you have available to you reside. They don’t come from rational thought at all.

Look for your true genius deep inside. To find that spark of brilliance consider these facts.

You have developed gifts that only you can offer the world.

For example:

You have certain talents that are unique to you.

You’re knowledgeable about areas others are not because you are more interested in them. So you studied these areas extensively and built a wealth of information to share.

You are have heartfelt passion about something that is unique to you. Only you can feel that passion in the way that you do.

And you have personal, first-hand experience in areas other people do not.

Those are the gifts you can offer to the world. No one else can offer them but you.

The next question is "How do I access those gifts to improve my life and business?"

This is where creative thinking needs to take hold. You unleash your gifts and access your true genius by quieting the mind so you can hear your internal self-talk.

I call this thinking with the heart instead of the head and it’s where unimaginable brilliance lies. It’s accessed through the channel called “imagination” and “feelings.”

The trouble is you’re probably conditioned to thinking and reacting instead of imagining and feeling.

Most people haven’t taken their imagination seriously for quite some time. Many more suppress their feelings because they don’t think those feelings have merit.

Yet look at how great artists create. Or watch the invention process at work. Or think about brilliant people like Richard Branson. All of their creations start with inspiration using their personal gifts.

The creation part is done from the heart (feelings and imagination).

The technical execution that brings that brilliant creation into the physical world is done with the brain or through thinking, which motivates the body into action.

Think about your greatest achievements. You’ll know them because the result of those experiences stay with you for a lifetime. How did you initially use your feelings to create those outcomes in the world?

Think back, experience those moments again and realize that is the power of genius at work.

Then ask yourself, "How can I use my genius to create results today?"