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A Big Breakthrough in Business Development

IStock_000004705569XSmall In the old days, like the year before last, for example, competition was the order of the day. Your business competed with others to secure the dollars your target buyers had to spend.

It was good because it helped small business owners focus on their specific niche buyer, the (very) specific problems those buyers had to solve and the solutions they were receptive to.

But competition was also limiting because it kept all small businesses locked into isolation. It's me against them.  It’s my service or product against others.

But life is not a “me against them” proposition. Life well lived is about giving, caring, sharing and using our specific gifts to add value to the lives of others.

So today I want to introduce you to a new idea that's actually an old idea.

My idea is called Cooperation and collaboration over competition.

Here's how it works.

First you, as a small business owner, need to discover (or rediscover) the gifts you bring to the market.

When you understand your talent, knowledge, passion and experience, and use it as the basis of your business brand, you'll view competition much differently. You'll understand that competition is not an issue unless you're marketing yourself as a commodity service or product.

 Your gifts make you unique.

Once you're comfortable with that, you can seek out other gifted business owners who offer a value that complements yours and extends your offer.

First you meet with those complementary business people. Then you establish strategic partnership parameters, including revenue sharing on business you refer to one another.

Once that’s established, you offer your services to one another’s list of clients and subscribers at appropriate times. 

You do this because you believe in the value your partner provides and you know them to be  quality vendors who are committed to their clients.

This is what that idea looks like in action.

I met a very talented and value-driven expert on the subject of business growth named Jean-Guy Francoeur.  He wrote a compelling book called Messy Manager: Management is Messy, Leadership is Simple… But Not Easy.

I got to know JG, liked his energy, knowledge base and experience, so we developed a strategic partnership arrangement.

The reason for the partnership is Jean-Guy (his friend call him JG) works with a group of people I don't typically engage with.

The value JG has created for his niche group of clients is he helps business owners double their sales and triple their profits.

What I found amazing is his ‘services’ (i.e.: helping you double your sales and triple your profit) are RISK FREE.

He guarantees his work, so you can’t lose.

Right now he is looking for two new clients (he takes on very few clients because he actually does the work himself. This is not coaching, mentoring or just advice. He actually implements).

Check out this 3 minute video:

I highly recommend JG.  You just can’t lose because he guarantees his results or you don’t pay.

I invite you to visit and see if this is a fit for your business situation.

This is the power of collaboration and cooperation at work.

The people who qualify to work with JG are people who would not qualify to work with me. We each do something unique because we have different gifts.

But when you extend the help you provide for your clients and tribe, you are serving your tribe better and making small businesses stronger at the same time.

How powerful is that?

How will you use this idea in your business today?