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The Better Answer to Low-Paying Jobs

Reinvent Yourself Gears Oh my gosh, I was SO sadden to read in Bloomberg Businessweek via MSN about the US economy recovery being built on low paying jobs.

Check out that article for yourself. It's a powerful, awareness raising article by Joshua Zumbrun and Shobhana Chandra.

They report, "The bottom line: Newly created jobs tend to be lower-paying than those they replaced. That will constrain consumer spending and economic growth."

Now, I'm realistic and know that many people will not start small businesses of their own creation. I get it.

But in my recent 2 Minute Business Coaching video I talked about business models.

I'll tell, for sure, there is a workable, do-able business model for anyone who will not settle for the status quo.

For people who have always had a job and now have to work for minimal money doing something they hate, that in no way uses their talent, knowledge and experience, there is an answer.

That answer is not easy.

It requires stepping out of your comfort zone and believing in yourself again.

Anyone who follows this path will have to learn new things and be willing to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

But here's how anyone with true desire and a wiliness to learn new things can Own Their Life in the next 1, 3 and 5 years.

Or not.

The other choice is fulfilling the prophesy and working in a low wage job.