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Copyblogger Showed Me a Free eBook Worth Reading

image from One of the blogs I read regularly is called "Copyblogger". I enjoy their work because they broaden my perspective by presenting ideas I wouldn't think of otherwise.

Today they hit a hot button for me that I wanted to share with you.

Today's post talked about Freedom, Money, Time and the Key to Creative Success. Read the full post here >

Here's an small article excerpt on one point they shared that really hit me.

From the Copyblogger post: Without money, you don’t have much freedom, because you have to spend your time (and mental energy) chasing cash.

Without time off, money doesn’t buy you a lot of freedom.

And if you’re doing something you hate for a living, it doesn’t matter how big your salary is, or how much vacation you get. You’re still living in a cage.

So very true.

The eBook Copyblogger recommended is by Mark McGuinness and it's called Freedom, Money, Time and the Key to Creative Success.

Download your copy here >

I think it's a great read for any small business owner who wants to take greater control over their life in business.

I highly recommend it. You can also share it with anyone who would benefit too.