Being Happy Requires a Commitment
3 Resources to Focus on in 2011

Your Greatest New Year Resolution

The New Year is upon us in just a few hours, with celebrations happening worldwide.

So the question for many becomes, "What is the greatest New Year resolution I can make?"

I'll tell you, from personal experince in 2010, the answer is more of a discovery than a resolution.

That discovery is made by answering the question, "What is my purpose and passion?"

If the answer to that question drives your actions in 2011 and beyond you'll live a year of fulfillment. If not, then the New Year may be very similar to the year that just endeRevolution-Badged.

For me, my greatest passion and purpose in life is to change the face of work in America. So I started the revolution by opening the "Tribe That Ended Unemployment" on Facebook.

My mission is to empower and guide people who are seeking small business growth and career and life change.

I'll assist them to develop a small business that is based on a value they've created that is designed to enhance the lives of others.

For existing small businesses it will create "Power Brands."

For those who have not mustered the courage to create a small business it will inspire them to create one now.

I know that when people who are struggling or just want more out of their life in small business embrace and act on those ideas on a large scale, the face of work will change.

I'm creating values to assist all of those people as we speak. So stay tuned.

Now it's your turn to play.

What is your greatest passion in 2011 and beyond?

What is the value you've created to enhance the lives of others with your brilliance and creativity?

The comment line is open.

Have a safe, prosperous and very Happy New Year!