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Jason Whitlock Thinks Michael Vick Should Be Allowed to Get a Dog

image from Jason Whitlock is a noted sports reporter who is featured on His bio tell us, "He writes about the sports world from every angle, including those other writers can't imagine or muster courage to address."

Recently, he posed and interesting thought.

He brought up the idea that NFL star quarterback Michael Vick deserves a chance to make it right and should now be allowed to get a dog.

For my readers who do not follow NFL Football, Michael Vick is the disgraced pro quaterback super star who, according to Whitlock, "threw away a $100 Million dollar contract and his freedom" when he was convicted and went to prison on felony dog fighting charges.

He has now served his time in prison, was released and today is back as a star quarterback for the Philidelphia Eagles. Obviously, in Michael Vick's case, rehabilitation worked.

In considering this thought from the perspective of a former Military Dog Handler I responded to Jason with the message below:

Hi Jason,

I would recommend that Michael Vick connects with Cesar Millan, the Nat Geo Dog Whisperer, adopt an abused Pit Bull that Cesar has rehabilitated and get back on the track of true dog appreciation. AND you are the person who can make it happen.

Does this sound like a good idea to you?

Can Cesar Millan help Michael Vick?
I believe he can.

But what do you think? Does Michael Vick deserve another chance to know the love of man's best friend?