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Being Happy Requires a Commitment

Why is Business So Darn Hard Cover It's true. Being happy requires a commitment.

A commitment to your ideas, your small business, your entrepreneurial mindset and to yourself.
By being in a business of your own, you’re paving the way for future generations to follow.

On the days that are tough, it’s important to realize why you’re doing a business in the first place.

The reason is, it’s actually …
 … how human beings play. It’s been said that human beings stop playing at the time they leave childhood.

The fact is, that statement is simply not true.

Human beings continue to play for their entire life. The difference is the complexity and rules of the games change.

Here’s exactly how human beings play once they enter their adult years.

According to author Mark Hamilton, in his breakthrough Society of Secrets book series, the purpose of life is to be happy.

As adults, we are most happy when we are creating values that benefit other people.

We most readily create this value when we develop a business that delivers our passions and talents to benefit other people.

When our talents and passions are a value that other people want to trade their money for, we have a business that works.

Bringing about this creation, the business that delivers value that benefits other people, is how we play as adult human beings.

Delivering our creation is the game that we human beings all love playing.Bill-Gluth

This is an excerpt from my book Why is Running a Small Business So Darn Hard.

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