4 Big Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make
Are You Sales or Marketing Driven?

The Secret to Getting Noticed

The marketing mantra of the past year has been focused on building an audience. The popular word for audience today is tribe.

The problem is that you may not know what it takes to effectively build an audience that cares about what you have to say.

Here is the secret to building an audience or tribe that you are probably missing.

Building a tribe starts with having a conversation with your target market. Is what you’re talking about interesting and worth following?

If so, great, you’ve taken a good first step.
If not, I’d recommend you read the book Lynchpin (pictured) by Seth Godin. Order it on Amazon today.

Once you have a message that people relate to, how can you get it out so people hear your message?

From a marketing perspective the concept of “frequency” comes into play.

Here’s an easy way to understand frequency.

Pick a current popular brand. It doesn’t matter what brand you pick as long as it’s a popular brand.

Notice how often it shows up in the media. Don’t stop at television. Look online, in print media, even in social media.

See how easy it is to notice the brand?

This is frequency in action. Frequency creates memories and buyer retention of your message. Of course retention and memory creates a desire to buy the product.

Now look at your communication strategy.

In talking to solopreneurs over the past year I found that about 95% of micro and small businesses do not have a communications strategy. They just kind of wing it. As a result, they are hit and miss on getting content (e.g. articles, blog posts, podcasts and video) into the market.

They want to build revenue but they don’t show up often. As a result, most of these businesses are invisible.

I’m sure you can see the problem here.

Solving a problem begins with awareness. You can start by looking at your own marketing/communication efforts today.

How often do you show up? In other words how frequently are you sharing ideas so people can get to know you, your work and the value you’ve created that will enhance the lives of others?

Without a consistent communications strategy you can commit to, you are not going to show up very often.

That means your paid marketing has to work harder. But we all know that paid marketing alone is seen as advertising and is frequently ignored.

This is why having a consistent communication strategy is so important to micro-businesses.

It’s so important, in fact, I’m stepping up to assist by giving you a gift.

Between now and the end of December 2010 I’ll offer you a special Communications Strategy Analysis session to help you see where your marketing/communications efforts are positioned today.

To accept my gift, email me directly at bill@billgluth.com with the subject line “CSA Request.”

I’ll personally reply and schedule a time to meet with you. This is not an auto responder. This is my personal email that I will personally reply from to assist you in accepting my gift.

I’ll help you see where your communication strategy is today and provide a few ideas on how to strengthen it.

The purpose is to assist you to build the business you envision instead of the one you may be settling for now.