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4 Big Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make

IStock_000001171318XSmall The world of 21st Century business is built on a much different platform than businesses of the past. The reason is that the world of work is changing rapidly. What used to be is no more.

What emerges is more impactful and exciting for people like you and I.

Here are 4 big mistakes (along with new ideas to use) that entrepreneurs often make when they are building, managing and a growing a contemporary micro or small business.

Mistake # 1: Don’t use big business, old school methods. They have low impact today and you, as an entrepreneur, simply cannot afford them.

Instead, be agile, turn on a dime and allow change to be your friend. Create your budgets based on sales coming in and not from money borrowed. Remember: It does NOT take money to make money. In truth, it takes sales to make money.

Mistake # 2: Don’t copy – innovate instead. Looking at a competitor and creating a “version” of what they’re doing is a really bad idea. If you do this, you will always be an “also ran”.

Instead, use your talent, knowledge and passion to express your personal and unique point of view. Tell us what your unique point of view is and we’ll probably want to know more.

Mistake # 3: Seeing the world through the eyes of media outlets, experts and others.

Instead, look at the world through your own eyes. You can only develop your own point of view by expressing it. Tell us what you see and what you think about what you see. When you do, suddenly, you’ll become much more interesting.

Mistake # 4: Selling a product or service instead of a value you’ve created.

Instead, realize that sales starts by understanding the pressing pain your buyers have that they must resolve now. Then let them know about the value you’ve created with your business that takes that pain away. Explain how you developed the offer, how others have benefited and why you’re recommending to them now.

Also remember some of the best solutions to sell are based on values you have created to solve a problem you had.

The world of work is changing rapidly. Micro business is on the cutting edge of that change.

But it takes a contemporary mindset to solve challenges. What used to work is no more.

Now is the time to embrace a brand new day of micro and small business thinking.