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Are You Sales or Marketing Driven?

IStock_000003927064XSmall When it comes to running a micro or small business, generating revenue consistently is one of the most important factors to remain in business and prosper.

How do you keep revenue flowing in a business? By creating sales.

Sales are created either through a direct sales effort or through your marketing program. Which process do you use?

Here’s how to tell the difference.

I know successful business owners who partner with people who have responsive lists focused on a specific target market.

These businesses schedule a webinar, offer a high perceived value consultation as a gift, attract sales leads and create the sale at the consultation.

This is an example of businesses that are sales driven because revenue is generated through a direct sales (and follow up cycle) effort.

In sale driven organizations, marketing attracts qualified people to a live interaction with a sales person, who then creates the sale and revenue.

On the other hand, I know of other very successful business owners who do things differently but with equal or perhaps even better results.

This group will use content, personal brand positioning, social media and email marketing to build a marketing list and then drive people to sales offers online.

In this case, the online sales letter is the sales tool that converts interest into revenue.

In marketing driven organizations, personal brand positioning, adding value through tons of content and consistent and frequent email marketing drives people to an online sales tool.

A live sales person is not engaged and follow up is done more or less automatically, segmented by interest, through an auto responder system.

Which is better?

Neither. They are just different approaches to create the same result; revenue generation. But each requires a different mindset and plan.

The common bond between both approaches is consistency. No matter which process you use, it has to be used daily to work.

How about you, are you sales or marketing driven?

The worst case is that you are neither.  In that case you’re probably struggling and wondering why your business isn’t doing better.

Now you know.