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Beat the Funk

IrritatedWomanWeb I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I say that occasionally (and sometimes more than occasionally) we all get into a funk and just can’t seem to break out.

Why does that happen?

The primary reason I found is that we accept it.

What I mean is you just allow yourself to be engulfed in the funk, feel hopeless and helpless and just wallow in it a bit.

It takes two things to beat those down times:

1) Awareness

2) Inner strength

Awareness means that you notice how you’re feeling and understand why you are feeling that way so that you are able to make the decision to no longer accept it.

Once you’re aware, there is one other thing you can do to unleash the power of your inner strength.

Most of the time, you’re feeling down because you are not taking action on something you realize is important.

If that’s the case, take action on it in spite of fears and doubts, and watch your mood lift. You’ll become more hopeful, which reverses low energy feelings.

What if you don’t know what action to take?

At that point I recommend isolating the problem you cannot solve, then turn to a book that provides solutions.

Notice that I go to a book instead of Web research. The reason is that a book will give you a more complete picture of actions you can take.

Go through the book and isolate the steps you can take.

Take one step.

Go back to the book and take another step.

Repeat this action until you have taken all of the steps you outlined.

As you take new action on old problems, the hopeful energy you project makes the next step even easier.

If you need help hire a trusted advisor to guide you.

But what about those times when you know what to do and just don’t do it?

Those are the times when fear is most likely at play.

And there’s only one way to beat fear. That is to do what successful people have done for decades.

The secret of highly successful people is to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Fear only exists because you allow it to stop you.

Sure, it’s uncomfortable to stretch yourself. But when you do you gain more power because you have increased your inner strength. That power translates into greater results.

And when you do not act in spite of fear, please realize that not creating the great life you are meant to live is a high price to pay for not wanting to experience discomfort.

This is another case where you can also hire a trusted advisor to guide you.