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How to Be Free in Your Thinking

CutOutofIconR Often, when you are looking for ideas, you will tend to think of conventional ideas that are similar to the ideas of many other people.

You may also fall back on old ideas and may pull them out and try them again to see if they’ll work this time.

It’s not your fault. It’s just how you and I and everyone else was taught to think in the school systems we grew up in and business we’ve been part of.

But yet, inside of you, there is a creative, free thinking artist just waiting to emerge.

This is the you that has unconventional ideas and thoughts that the conventional mind calls “out there” or “outrageous.” So you probably tend to suppress those ideas.

What about the people who establish freedom in their thinking and push out conventional thinking.

Well, those people create viral videos that are far outside the envelope of conventional.

Their reward?

A million or more online viral video hits that lead, in some cases, to worldwide street dancing tours sponsored by a major brand. In other cases movies like Jackass emerge.

Today, it’s important think about how to be unconventional because the majority of people are not happy with their conventional life and business. If you’re like many, you may feel stuck or bored. This is a sign that you’re ready to make a change.

How can you free up your thinking?

Start by thinking in unconventional ways. It sound obvious but it can be difficult to achieve because you do not have a framework to understand what that means.

It’s a matter of changing your mind and looking at conventional things from a different perspective.

For example, free up your thinking and consider how can you attract more interest to your business?

Marketing is the first step but everyone is pretty much marketing in the same basic way. So, do something different.

Answer the question, “What would I do if I could do anything at all?”

Now imagine you know the answer, play and pretend that you can be as outrageous as you can imagine.

What ideas emerged? What would you do?

Write it down. Then give that idea a try. Show it to the world and see what happens.

The action of doing is what brings about new, even more unconventional ideas. Keep acting on them. Observe how much freer you are in your thinking.

Do you want to know more about this idea?

QUESTION: Would you attend a free teleseminar that shows you how to do free up your thinking?

If so, leave a comment and let me know.

Then let me know what your most outrageous idea to build your business is now.

I’ll look forward to seeing your interest to this idea.

Vision Means Passion, What's Yours?

Woman's-Eye-Web Entrepreneurs and small business owners often forget their true reason for being in business; they've lost touch with their authentic passionate vision.

Passion is defined as an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

Vision means unusual discernment or foresight - a person of vision.

When you understand your passion and vision you can then create an authentic story that comes from your heart. This is the kind of message your target market can most quickly relate to.

Here are 5 steps to rediscovering your unique, personal business vision

1. Start by reflecting on the reason you started your business in the first place. Think wwaayy back to the time when you first started out. What were you excited about?

2. Write down one sentence that tells the value you created to help others achieve what they want out of life and busienss. This is the true reason you are in business.

3. Next, write down your competitive advantage. How are your ideas different than the competition?

4. List single sentence statements that tell people who you are and what you stand for. This is your identity statement that helps other people understand how you conduct your business.

5. List the type of person you most enjoy working with. Include both professional and personal qualities. Understand who your ideal client is.

6. Weave the 5 points above into a compelling story.

7. Memorize that story and focus on telling it only to people who are in your ideal client categories. Tell every ideal prospect you talk to this week your authentic passion and vision story.

The results will surprise you.

Your prospects will seem more receptive. Your clients will be more willing to help you spread the word.

Follow these steps and you are guaranteed to find more enjoyment in your business.

And you'll be adding greater focus to your work, which in turn adds value to the lives of others.

The Power of Passion in Business

BruceLeadbetter2WEB The next entry in my interview series called The Power of Passion in Business is with Bruce Leadbetter, Founder of 360 Adventures and 360 Team Building.

Bruce's passion is a a great fit for entrepreneurs who are looking to gain greater trust in their innate abilities as well as develop stronger leadership skills.

His work encompasses everything from creating adventure experiences like canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking or other customized adventures to team building for innovative companies who are looking to create a positive and powerful workplace culture that promotes continued personal growth and leadership development.

You can download Bruce's interview to share with others at or listen to it right here by clicking the player below:


Learn more about Bruce Leadbetter and 360 Adventures at

Learn about Bruce's work with innovative companies who are looking to create powerful and positive company cultures at

Here's a little background on The Power of Passion in Business.

I created this series to provide ideas and inspiration on how powerful and effective passion is when used as a value-sharing, business-building/sales and marketing element. 

Passion is vital to entrepreneurs because most people in business have a hard time selling and promoting what they do in general. However, when passion is added to the mix, even the most introverted people will scream their offer from every roof top they can find.

The reason? They have to. The passion is so strong in their hearts that they have no other choice but to share it with others.

In this interview you’ll meet a passionate entrepreneur named Bruce Leadbetter.

I met Bruce at a gathering of like-minded people called The 2% Club, which is a group formed in Phoenix, AZ to reinforce the ideas of best selling Secrets of the Millionaire Mind author T. Harv Eker.

I found that Bruce’s passion was a great fit for entrepreneurs who are looking to gain greater trust in their innate abilities as well as develop stronger leadership skills.

Listen to and enjoy this installment of The Power of Passion in Business featuring 360 Advenures and 360 Team Building Founder, Bruce Leadbetter:


And learn more about Bruce Leadbetter and his work with adventure seekers and business leaders at: