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Why Build a Tribe?

TribeWEB A new marketing term hits us about a year ago and that was the concept of a “Tribe.”

A Tribe starts with a leader who is passionate about spreading a message for a specific reason. Then Tribal members join and enjoy following, using, backing and promoting that idea.

Today, many people have replaced the task of connecting locally through networking with building a nationwide or even global Tribe.

How do you do it?

The best way is to learn from examples. In marketing this is called “modeling” and is a proven way to reach significant results quicker.

A great recent example of successful Tribe building is being done right now by Mark Joyner. Mark is starting a revolution to end financial struggle with his new Simpleology 202 course.

He’s passionate about financial success. He knows that financial literacy will resolve some of the current financial challenges the world is facing.

In fact, Mark says that if the masses had known the information he’s sharing in Simpleology 202, the last recession may not have happened.

He could sell thousands of units of this course for $200 without any problem.

Instead, Mark is giving it away (that’s right, for free) to build a revolution of passionate Tribe members who want his assistance in exchange for letting others know about a remarkable idea.

Get the course for free right now and benefit at

What is the example here that we can model?

Mark found something he was truly passionate about.

He created a product around that passion so others can benefit.

Then he gave away pre-release copies to gain testimonials from various categories of people in his market niche.

He asked his list to help him establish the price through email contact that lead to a blog post where almost 1,000 comments were left on the question “What should I charge for this?” This built awareness and desire for the product at the same time.

Then he listened to the wisdom of a few people who said, “Don’t charge anything. Start a revolution instead.”

So he did.

You and I benefit by learning Mark’s ideas for free.

Mark benefits by adding value to the lives of many and building awareness for the full range of excellent Simpleology courses he offers.

Win-Win. A Tribe is building and a revolution is starting. Join the Tribe and learn some revolutionary principles that may have prevented the last recession today.

And also take advantage of Simpleology 101, The Simple Science of Getting What You Want. You’ll learn to control your day, get more done and produce greater results. This course is free, too.

Simpleology 202 is at

Simpleolgoy 101 is at

Benefit from them both, with my compliments.

Now, what's your Tribal mission?

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